Services Provided

  • Bookkeeping and administration services
  • Music publishing
  • Royalty administration services
  • New media & digital processing
  • Film and television royalties
  • Music supervision

Media & Entertainment Royalty Services delivers royalty software of the highest standard which can be adapted to a single user or to the largest company.

Media & Entertainment Royalty Services aims to provide a tailored service for independent record labels, music publishers, distributors, digital distributors, recording artists and bands, film & television production companies to assist them to process royalties in the digital age.

Bookkeeping and Administration Services – It has become apparent that there is a need for outsourcing bookkeeping and administration services.

We have developed a 360 service that includes, artist support, bookkeeping, administration, accounting and royalties.

The Managing Director Fiona Perry realised after 25 years in the industry working with music labels that included Island Records UK, Jive Records UK, BMG Music and Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand that there was a need for an independent royalty, digital, copyright and administration service in New Zealand.

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Office: +64 (0) 9 634 1850
Email: [email protected]
Skype: fionamayperry

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